welcome to the Spes network

Hello!  Welcome to the Spes network, formerly known as the Loki Post.  We intend this blog (and the email updates about this blog which many of you have signed up for already) to be a news source about, by, and for the world’s growing creative and sustainable community.   That means we invite YOU to share your ideas, project, recipes, observations, experiments, stories here.  It should become a nexus for a network of enthusiastic, innovative and hard working individuals.  It will be a way for you to get word out about your ideas and projects, a place to share your creativity, and a place to get feedback or perhaps to find collaborators to help you on your journey.

We honor the idea that everyone is both a student and a teacher; we each have unique gifts to share and we all, always, have much to learn from each other.  We believe that a stronger community comes from active dialogue and collaboration between people of all kinds of backgrounds, beliefs, careers and dreams.

If you wish to receive email newsletters updating you on the activity in The Spes Network, please sign up via this link.

If you have ideas to contribute to make this newsletter as rich and diverse an information source as we can, please let us know!

Thanks so much for reading!

Matthew Didisheim (of the Great North American Bicycle Riders)  and Jackie Maloney (of the Spes Bus crew)


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