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Here you can browse our growing collection of bios for a variety of communities, groups, cooperatives, movements and collectives (centralized or decentralized) that are succeeding at their collective and individual dreams today!  See how the idea of cooperating can take on so many forms, arenas, contexts to help individuals achieve their visions for this life or this world.  Follow links and contact information provided by each to learn more or ask about participating.  In alphabetical order, for now:

Cascadia Forest Defenders are the last line of defense between the forest and the sawmills. We are decentralized activists working together to stop the ecologically devastating and economically exploitative industrial timber harvest practices though community outreach, grassroots organizing, political pressure and non-violent direct action. We can also offer training and resources to other groups working for environmental and social justice.

We have been working for the last four years to protect the Elliott State Forest, a 93,000 acre temperate rainforest in southwest Oregon, from being destroyed by clearcutting. We are an ongoing campaign based out of Eugene, Oregon with almost weekly events, large gatherings and a hundred different ways that you can plug in. Whether it is reposting news pieces online or standing with us in a forest blockade, there are ways for anyone with enthusiasm to get involved. You can check us out online at

Loki the Spes Bus is a mobile community of creative people attempting to broaden our      experience in sustainable, conscious and communal living by traveling from community to community, sharing skills and engaging in work exchange.  Our mission is founded on a couple of ideas:  1) a dream to create our highest vision of a nurturing, creative, sustainable and educational space someday   2) the belief in every individual as a student and a teacher, capable of growth.   Community is strengthened when each person in it recognizes their ability to grow from being open to learning and sharing their gifts by teaching.  Fear of difference is overcome in the cycle of respect that this kind of education creates.  In the first leg of our journey together (between Feb 15 2012 and Aug 2012) we were fortunate to live and work with five different communities in North Carolina, learning about permaculture, homesteading, small-scale organic farming and a variety of viable community infrastructures, sharing music, visual art, and constructions from salvaged materials, and trying their hand in the performative arts, reading poetry, juggling, dancing, experimenting with acrobatics and acro-yoga, and lots of busking!  We are currently on hiatus from the bus, planning to put together a fundraising campaign so we can invest in alternative fuel (i.e. no more expensive, unhealthy petroleum fuels!)  and taking our balance of individual space (six months+six people+one bus; we fib you not!)  Email us at or find us on facebook, or click on the link to our blog above for more information or to get in touch!


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