Hello!  We hope you are enjoying our site, and even better, finding it useful!

Have a submission for The Spes Network?  Are you sure?  We bet you do.  We publish:

biographies of intentional communities (or intentional individuals), explanations of your projects/work/dreams, public invitations to events, public invitations to participate in your project, requests for help achieving your dream, poetry, art, photography, music, video (we think, we haven’t uploaded one yet), contemplation, observations of current events in creative and sustainable communities, really good questions, recipes, DIY instructions, proposals to share or teach your skills/gifts, your campaign to make the world (or your community) healthier, more creative, more sustainable, more beautiful, more cooperative, more conscious, and probably other things we haven’t thought of yet.


Send all submissions to either Matthew Didisheim ( or Jacqueline Maloney (


What we also want to do on this page is build a concise list of useful contacts, each listing their state/province (or a traveling status), organization/community (if applicable), skill set, and email address or phone number.  How cool would THAT be if you are looking for a collaborator or partner in crime?!

I suppose no time to begin like the present!


Jacqueline MaloneyLoki the Space Bus (mobile creative collective) and The Fuhrl Arts Collective, Philadelphia.  My skills include but are not limited to: community organization, visual art (mostly drawin’ and paintin’ and collage), writing, cooking (including for huge amounts of people), networking and communication (especially if you are looking for connections in Southern Maine, Philadelphia PA, or Asheville NC) , wordpress/blogspot, and youth education.  email me at  Check out my art at


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